Tips for Minimizing the Risk of Identity Theft

Identity theft is a real problem that needs to be taken with all due earnestness. It is all too easy to believe that it is a problem that only happens to others. Even if you have taken a few steps, they might not be enough. In fact, there are quite a few things that you need to ensure if you want to minimize the risks of someone stealing your personal identity online. Here are a few tips that you should implement.

Utilize Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is one of the most widely used security measures online. This system is not foolproof but it can certainly reduce much of the risk. The majority of service providers online tend to provide two-factor authentication systems nowadays. As a result, make sure that you enable this feature in all the places that offer it. This system requires you to provide a unique one-time password whenever you log into an account with the password typically being sent directly to your phone or your email.

Secure your Credit Report

The majority of agencies that offer credit reporting services will also offer an alert service. This service will send you an alert whenever the agency detects a change in the credit report. Whenever your details are accessed, an alert will be send. This can be an inquiry orĀ  a new account being created. It can prove to be immensely beneficial if a data breach occurs. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to keep a track of the reports so that you can quickly identify if some illicit activity is taking place.

Another service offered by these reporting agencies is the ability to freeze the credit reports. As a result of the freeze, no changes can take place in your credit report without the use of a unique code. The unique code will be given to you when a new account is being created or an inquiry made. If the code is not provided, the credit report will be locked down. While this service is provided by most agencies, a monthly fee is usually charged for it.

Never Use Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is notorious for being unsecure. In fact, using these networks open up your device to a whole range of vulnerabilities and carry a lot of risks. It is extremely easy for hackers to gain access to your personal data through public Wi-Fi. If you do need to use public Wi-Fi connections, make sure that you are using a robust VPN.

There are a variety of other steps that you can take to protect your personal identity online. However, the ones given above should help you get started.

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