About our free vpn

We are people who believe that your internet experience should be safe for you to work, learn, and connect with people regardless of your location. Our free VPN service has a clear goal to deliver great service and a fantastic value that anyone can access around the world. No one should ever have to worry about their online safety. But now, more than ever, this concern has become a very real threat. This is why we made our VPN service free. You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to stay safe and secure while accessing the internet.

This is why we do what we do: We encrypt your data and mask your IP to keep you safe from those that would harm you. With your free VPN account, you can:

  • Stay safe from online attacks
  • Safely connect to your co-workers, family, and friends via a secure connection
  • Securely shop and access your bank accounts, tax info, and other sensitive documents and websites.
  • Surf the web with confidence
  • Download files without worry
  • Connect to public WiFi hotspots without a second thought

By utilizing our free VPN service, you will have the ability to virtually erase any kind of trail left behind by your online activity. In addition, all data that is either sent or received is automatically encrypted to prevent interception by unauthorized sources. And if lag or latency is a concern, our service operates at high speeds to ensure you can download files fast and stream without loading issues.

Why choose our free VPN service?

If you’re wondering why VPN services are not talked about more or why these types of services aren’t touted on mainstream channels, the answer is simple: Big Businesses use your information as digital currency. It makes them a lot of money. What we offer to do for free is counterproductive to what they want, which is to steal your information for marketing purposes. Have you ever noticed that when you look up information about a product or service, you are suddenly seeing ads for it everywhere? This is because your internet use is being watched. And this information is valuable to marketers whose goal it is to put that ad in your face until you buy. It’s a form of brain washing. They place the products in front of you until you are thinking about them so much that you eventually give in and make a purchase.

We stop this from happening. By eliminating the ability for Big Business to track you and watch what you’re doing online, we essentially put the choice of whether or not to make a purchase back in your hands – right where it should be.

Why choose FreeVPN.im?

There are many reasons to choose our VPN service, in addition to being free, we offer:

  • Faster speeds
  • More reliability
  • More dependability
  • More security
  • More respect for your privacy
  • A better service

We understand how the digital world works. We’ve done our due diligence and have found a way to give the power of the internet back to the user – you. We have spent our time incorporating our wealth of knowledge into created the most sophisticated VPN software available. And as we continue to test, research, and learn, we will continue to update our service, so we always remain on the cutting edge.

Since we also believe that you should be able to use the internet privately, we would be hypocrites if we recorded your use. It is for this reason that we are an anonymous VPN service, meaning, we never track or record your use of our VPN services. In addition to offering an outstanding service, we also provide first-rate customer service to answer any questions or to help in any way we can.

Who do you help?

  • We help businesses all over the world. If you have employees accessing servers, you need to ensure those connections are secure.
  • We help families. If you have a busy house or family members overseas, you need to make sure connections are safe.
  • We help people who travel. We understand that when you are traveling abroad it can be difficult to find secure areas from which to work, learn, or communicate. We facilitate this, so you can use the internet with confidence.

We help individuals who simply want more privacy online. We honestly believe that people from all walks of life can benefit from less censorship and more privacy. We are the number one free VPN service online. Find out why today.