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Online safety is a concern for everyone. Everything from booking a hotel room to downloading a file can lead to malware or a trojan horse infiltrating your computer. Government agencies or hackers with remote access to your computer can monitor the sites you visit, compromising your connection and privacy. If these things are a concern to you, maybe it’s time you begin using a VPN service.

A brand-new VPN service: Put your safety, security, and privacy first

The web spans the globe. Cyberspace is unlimited and ever-expanding. The internet allows us to connect, learn, create, and explore. However, there are people out there who use it to steal valuable information from people just like you. These attacks usually go without notice until you find out that your money or identity has been stolen. Fortunately, there is a solution: a free VPN service unlike any other. Don’t leave yourself open to cyber-attacks. Our service is reliable, blazing fast, and absolutely free.

Rest assured that we took every precaution, putting your safety first

We offer a free anonymous VPN that provides a greater level of security than you have ever experienced before. We make it our business to place safety and privacy as our number one priority. We have developed advanced technology that will keep you safe on the web without the cost you’d expect. Further, we do not require lengthy sign up information. That would be asking for the very information we are trying to protect. That is not our business. Our goal is to restore your freedom to privacy and free navigation of the internet without censorship or concern.

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What features will you get with your free VPN account?

  • Free anonymous VPN: Browse the web with complete anonymity. Knowing that someone could be watching our even recording your online activity is unsettling to say the least. Explore the web knowing you are invisible to those who would watch your movements and that your digital footsteps are erased and untraceable. learn more
  • You won’t be tracked: Since it is our mission to keep your information safe, we also do not keep any records of what you are doing through our free VPN service. We do not track your activity. In fact, to ensure your online safety and privacy, our free VPN servers are located offshore, far away from government regulations and oversight that may otherwise mandate that we keep track of your activity. learn more
  • Greater Access. Whether you are traveling abroad or staying in for the evening, it can be frustrating to visit a website that is inaccessible from your location. This can be elevated dramatically in cases where an inaccessible website is needed for business or educational purposes. With a free VPN account with us, there is a solution. Our service conceals your true location, allowing you to not only visit sites that would be otherwise locked, but you can also access and share information as needed. learn more
  • Use public WiFi with security: Simply put, public WiFi can be unsecure. With numerous people sharing the same connection, it is by definition easily accessible. This ease of access demonstrates the lack of effort needed by hackers to infiltrate your device and steal your personal and financial information. Our free and secure VPN secures public WiFi connections, allowing you to browse and work with safety and confidence. learn more
  • Rest assured that your data is safe: Businesses can track your online activity; the websites you visit, the products you research, your hobbies and your interests. This information is tracked by your IP address. This information is used and sold for the purposes of marketing back to you. This is a breach of privacy. It’s spying, and it’s perfectly legal. But that doesn’t make it right. Our free VPN service stops these businesses from being able to track your activity or your IP address, making sure you can’t be spied on. Plain and simple. learn more
  • Security for your business: Businesses are not safe from hackers. In fact, businesses are the primary targets for most hackers. The theft of corporate information, payroll information, or even patents and trade secrets can lead to the end of a time-tested company, world renowned brand, or new venture. This has never been more of a concern than now, during the age of the remote workforce. As team members from abroad log into shared systems, the probability of infiltration by hackers becomes more of a threat. Using our secure VPN service negates those threats, rendering them obsolete. Your network will remain encrypted, regardless of whether you are on a public or private network. learn more
  • Cross platform availability: Never limit yourself. Our service is available and easily accessible regardless of your device or operating system including PC, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. learn more

See for yourself why our free VPN service is the best. Get access to privacy, and security like never before.